Disney: Strange World-The Ultimate Sticker Book

2 290 Ft
Kedvencekhez Kedvencekhez

A fun sticker activity book for kids to accompany the release of Disney's Strange World

Journey deep into an uncharted and treacherous land where fantastical creatures await in this book packed with stickers.

This fun activity sticker book features images and artwork from Disney's new movie Strange World. Discover all the key characters, locations, and moments and relieve the movie magic with more than 100 stickers.

Disney Strange World The Ultimate Sticker Book will help kids to relive the wonder of Disney's newest movie. Fun stickering activities will keep kids aged 5-7 entertained for hours and, with more than 100 stickers, there are plenty of extra stickers, too.

  • Formátum: C/PB

  • Nyelv: angol

  • Kiadó: Penguin Group/Pearson Company

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